Friday, September 14, 2012

This Little Piggy Came Home

I have spent the last week or so sending out quilts that are in shows. It always seems like the shows are grouped together and of course each show has different requirements as to labels (where they are and what is on them). I no longer am anal about that. I always put the label in the center on the hanging sleeve or the back lower right. If the show has a requirement (such as size) that my label doesn't have I just write it on with marker. The show I just sent two quilts (Washington state) to has a packing tag number that needs to be on the lower left back and I had to cover the label from the judges. Really? Just don't look on the back. These are art quilts; they don't have to be fussed with on the back. I would never get anything done if I had to mess with the backs!
I just spied the picture of this box that the kids that were here a couple weeks ago brought me.  The packaging alone is a gift in itself.  It's from a store called Jonathan Adler in Chicago.  Just look!
A butter dish!!!  It was freaky with the timing of my getting the stool to reach a butter plate from a rarely used set of dishes for a stick of butter to set on the table (which I always do) when I was halted by my guests to open this gift.    There is a whole stick of butter in there.  How stinking cute is that?  My darling daughter pointed out that I have already received this little 
ornament pig that is also a Jonathan Adler oinker.

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