Thursday, September 06, 2012

We Need Nair

As promised, yesterday I did a little work in animal prints;
They took me all of a couple hours to do the coat and jumper and that includes getting out the manual for my machine and relearning how to make button holes because I do them so rarely that I forget. Hell, I already forgot what my plan was for today. The mind is a terrible thing to waste and yet, that's just what I have done.

Last nights sunset was another beauty.  I love the look of the 'slice' on the sun.

Bella gets groomed today and it's gonna be a sorry sight when we get her back home.  She has been sneaking and licking the back of her legs to the point that in a week
she has so many mats in her hair that I know they are gonna shave her legs.  Oh, dear.    With all the commotion of the weekend and all the company, I guess I didn't pay as much attention to her as I usually do.  But then, other people did, so I don't think it's that.  I have no idea what got into her or made her do it.  I am going to make a vet appointment for the next couple days to see if there is a reason for this.  My sister in law told me that her vet said that the staining of the feet this year are due to the dogs licking their feet to remove the excess pollen that is irritating their feet.  Excess pollen happens when there is not enough rain.  Maybe it's something like that.  We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Tommy, I've been wiping Cousin Bea's paws off with the non-fragrance baby wipes every time she comes in from outside and (knock on wood) she seems not to lick as much as she was when we were with you in August. I'm thinking it is helping a bit. But it looks like Bella is licking a bit more than the paws. Yikes! Hope she gets some relief soon. Poor young lady.
Aunt Claudia

Miracles said...

Poor Bella. Great coordinating ensemble for VJ.