Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Happened To Demi?

Peter's play starts tomorrow.  I can't even believe it.  Regina and I tried to go to a matinee of it and couldn't even get seats together!!!!!  I am going to see the play with the family in October.  I am just wondering if I will get to meet Babs  back stage while I am there.  You do know that Barbra Streisand is Diane Lane's MIL?  They both lay claim to a Brolin boy.  That's just weird.

I watched the most recent movie my son was in last night. Of course he was brilliant in two different roles (a homeless guy by a garbage can and one of two 'yes' men to a guy that prefers to wear yellow); Okay, that's awkward but then so is the movie. It was painful at times; many times. I am just thankful that my son didn't write it. The name should say it all; ' I Heart Shakey'. He was adorable tho' (did I already say that?) It is ONDEMAND and I actually paid $6.99 to watch it. What a racket.
Speaking of Regina, here we have Genie with her son Ryan and a former foreign exchange girl that had living with them (Charlie) and her friend who is in front and has never been to the US before.  They actually went and stood in that acrylic box that extends out of the top of the Sears Tower (now named Willis; after Bruce?)
I can not imagine bending down and taking this picture.  I would be photographing my puke.

Now this picture I could take because I could be in any hotel room in the city and be safe inside a formidable  room.  

I keep wondering how they made that acrylic box because it was long after the building was built.  I may have to research that a bit.  I am gonna say it was done as a money maker after whoever bought it and renamed it.  I have lived here all my life and only gone to the top of this once highest building once.  The kids made me do it.

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Mike said...

Didn't we walk to the top of the Sears Building when we were in high school to have dinner with our then boyfriends? I may be getting my towers mixed up. Or maybe we took the steps to the revolving Pinacle Restraunt in the Holiday Inn on Lake Shore Drive. seemed like a very important building back in the day.