Saturday, September 01, 2012


When I turn down asparagus,  I do when it's in pretty much any condition than this; 

right off the grill and having been tossed in evoo and a little s & p.  It turns into candy.  We had that and
Giada's chicken in marsala, marscarpone and mustard over fettuccine, chosen my my daughter.  We have more than just family this holiday weekend.  Well, I should restate that; Richard and Chrissy are with us and they are just like family.  Richard has been scarce for a couple years due to deciding to go to law school after already having advanced degrees and a teaching gig at Washington University.  Last year when it was his weekend to come, he had to take the bar in New York.  Anyway, I digress. 
My darling daughter asked me to order a cake for Richards birthday that was last weekend and I somehow ordered a sheet pan cake while all the while I thought in my mind's eye, that it would be the size of a half sheet pan (which is the size I always use).
Here's the birthday boy with his monster cake (he is a sucker for a sheet cake) and my daughter.  All the young folk are exhausted and sleeping in.  G has already hit the links and I am doing what I do; this and that.

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