Friday, October 05, 2012

A Mother's Son

I received this photo of our son Peter for Christmas a couple years before he and Maria were married, so lets say
 that it was seven years old. At the time, he was in a play called 'Miss Firecracker' and he played the part that Tim Robbins played in the movie (Holly Hunter's brother).
He part was a bit over the top, which is how I always think of him.  That is, until I received this picture that Maria sent me of him in his wardrobe for the current play, 'Sweet Bird of Youth'.
I actually had to do a double take to make sure it was him.

Then, being a thorough mother, I had to zoom on him to make sure it was him.  Alas, even dressed to look hefty, he is still a looker.  A psycho, but still easy on the eyes.  Only a mother.


Anonymous said...

quite a transformation! I would never have recognized him. Pjn

Anonymous said...

Is Mommy sure??

Miracles said...

OMGoodness....he really does look like a middle aged portly fellow.