Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

My sister and I are back at it. I can't seem to let her have her own live these days. I hog her every minute she isn't at work.  We have several projects planned; some of which are secret.  They are probably for you.

She brought her new Archiver's purchase.  It is called Knock Outs and I can see where the name came from.  
There are six different cartridges and although it's a Christmas theme generally, there are at least half that could be generic, like the stars and the trees and the presents and the candles (which I could barely make out as candles; you can tell a guy probably designed it).  The snowflakes and candy canes have winter written all over them.
You just pop in the cartridge and put these little tabs on one end or the other (to line up if you are using more than the amount of the design on the cartridge).
You can see here that you can line them up from either end.  I would generally start on one side, being left handed, and Mike would use the other side.
Here is what it looks like with all the presents cut out.

Having just typed Mike's name I decided to fill you in on the boys names in our family.  My mother's name was Billy Sue Pickett and she was from Texas.  My dad's name was Bill (William Dorn).  So, my parents were Bill and Billy.  That's the start.  Then came my sister Pat (Patricia Susan),  followed by Mike (Michlyn Ellen).  I followed close behind and was named Tommy Ann.  I had a twin brother who died as an infant who was Terry (Phillip Terrence).   Before my sister Molly was born (13 months after me) the first three kids in the family were Pat, Mike and Tom.  The rest of the kids were generic.  After Molly came Bill, John, Dan, Tim and Sara.  Sara was five year old when she was in my wedding in 1972.  My mother had seven (not counting Terry) kids by the time she was 27.  Yikes.  I thought you ought to know.


Anonymous said...

I remember your busy household from when we were in high school. Hope all of your family is doing well.

Robbie said...

I often wondered how you got your name! When do you leave for Houston??? Can't wait to see pics of our qroup quilt hung!

Miracles said...

See ya soon.