Saturday, October 20, 2012

Card Trick

Check out these Christmas cards that my sis made at a class at Archiver's on Thursday night.
This card has stamped lettering and ornaments on the bottom that have been added and  'jewel'ified'.

My favorite one by far is this overhead view of a snowman looking up.  It reminds me of a melted snowman I put out with my snowman collection for the holidays.  It has brown around the edges so the parts of the snowman are distinguished from each other.  There is also a slight elevation in each circle.

This card has the triangles cut out with the colors on the inside of the card and the star and words stamped on the front, along with a little sparkly paper on the front for trunks.
This card was the product of a purchase of a gadget Mike bought from Archivers that stamps all sorts of holiday strips out (like the three on the bottom.)  Sadly, she forgot to bring it to show me.  Drat!
You can't tell by my photo but this care is embossed all over the top with snowflakes.  Then the top snowflake is cut out with a stamp that you can put anywhere on the card because it has no sides.  There is a bottom and the top is held in place with magnets.  Very clever.  Then another cut out snowflake is put on top of the cut out.  The wording is stamped and elevated on the card with a little sparkly tag sticking out.  I want them all.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be one that just says "Ho". I'll work on that one. They are all gorgeous. Talented young woman, that Mike is.
Aunt Claudia

Karen said...

I wish I had an Archivers close to me. The closest (I am in Milw) is Gurnee. If I didn't have to pay the IL toll, I would go there more often. I keep thinking that $8 I spend on tolls I could be spending on supplies. Yes, I admit it, I AM CHEAP!!! lol