Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I got to catch up with my daughter and her hubby Evan on Sunday.  We did the baby exchange and got to see this
beautiful four piece table that Evan made.  It can be made smaller, longer or moved and split up.  I love it.  In exchange for Violet's handoff, I gave them the two quilts I made for them.  I barely got home and
had an email with the picture of the quilts on a couch.   How sweet are they?  I finished up the third quilt (extra) and have done some mending before starting a new project.

After bowling today I am going to Chicago for an adventure.  We are taking a chocolate class.
Unfortunately, it is from six to nine tonight.  I guess I will have to skimp on dinner.  Nuts.

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Miracles said...

Great color choice for the quilt. Wow...Evan is quite the craftsman! Do they lock when together?