Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Had My Traveling Pants On

I have been away a long time. I thought that I would blog at least a few times in the six days that I was gone but upon reaching the Greenwich CT. Hyatt and seeing that I had to pay ten bucks for it each day, I took a pass. And my email doesn't work on my laptop on the road; I can receive emails but when I go to answer them, the response goes into limbo until I actually get home. Every now and then you need a blog break so it was probably a good thing.  I wonder if the Pioneer Woman takes one. Interesting. I will have to ask Peggy.
G and I went back to one of our favorite towns in the world, Greenwich, to catch up with old friends and most importantly, catch up with my college roommate Maggie and the nuptials of her only offspring, Adam, who is now happily married to Shannon.
Trying to take pictures in a tiny, packed to capacity church, was fruitless.  I got off a couple snaps but I was intrusive and apologized to Maggie afterward for the poor pics and then I realized that, hey, she has a professional photographer.  Why do I always have to think I am the only one taking pictures?  Here is Maggie playing to my flash and walking her son down the aisle with his dad (her x).  
Fast forward to the reception at the yacht club.  I managed to get a shot of part of the seating, in a room that was off limits at the time.  Who's gonna kick out an old lady?
The flowers were beautiful and the tables screamed yacht club.  
The little pink and blue packages were lottery cards.  I didn't win.
Here is Adam and Shannon, having completed all the pictures in the park with the dog, arrived at the yacht club in style; their style.
 They came on their boat!  How cute was that?  That blue flag says Shannon and Adam and the date and two wedding rings entwined.  I think they are an amazing couple and I couldn't get enough of Shannon.  I feel like I have known her forever.

More wedding stuff tomorrow.  I got a call at seven this morning from Cheryl, the girl who does everything that I don't like to do (pretty much everything domestic) that she is gonna be a no show.  Not good timing, having been gone and having house guests all weekend babysitting Bella.  I gotta do some laundry.  And it's bowling day.  Whoa!

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