Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knit One

Yesterday, good old Comcast cut a line that goes into our business in Illinois and the result was pretty much no business could be done. That included my email, which is connected to their server. G came home from work and I was bitching about wifi and he let me go on and on before he told me that it was connected to our server. I thought it would be cleared up this morning but as yet I still have no email.

I am in the throes of binding quilts but haven't even done enough to show you.  So I will show you knitting.  I finished this new wrap, size 2 sweater
a couple weeks ago.  I think I have made Violet about six of these so far.  I am a sucker for a seed stitch.
These are parts of a new hoodie I started when the aqua one was finished.  I love the directions to this.   It's a free Bernat pattern I got from Hobby Lobby.   In knitting you often see things in abbreviations.  WS means wrong side (the inside of the sweater) and RS means the right side, as in the part that shows.  For more than 40 years I have read patterns that say "end with RS" or something similar.  I always say to myself, does that mean finish a right side or end when you get to the right side?  This is just a guessing game for me whenever I come upon it.  

That is, until now.  This pattern actually tells you exactly what they mean.  Like this: ending with RS facing for the next row!!!!!  That's how to write a pattern.  With the good comes the complicated tho'.  This pattern was just one sheet, not like a book with a contents and more explanation.  So, when I come to size changes that are in parenthesis, they have thrown me for a loop.  For instance,  the size variations show up as 6 1/2 (7-7 3/4- 8H)ins.  What does the H mean?  I went on line to find out but no help there.  It's difficult to type in just what you want explained without getting lots of rubbish.  It shows up another way that makes no sense, like this: 6 (7H,8,9)ins.  These are Anyone have a clue?  


Anonymous said...

Is it possible "H" stands for height? As in W x H -- width x height. I'm assuming we're talking real short, shorthand here.

Anonymous said...

I take it back. It's not height. I think it's the needle size. Look here for an example of a similar notation for crochet.