Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Let's Go Back

Let's go back to the wedding. Here are the newlyweds coming to greet our table. I guess
I must have yelled 'hey Maggie' or something to get this off the shoulder backward glance.  That's her big sis, Patty sitting next to her.  The groomsmen wore regular ties and the groom wore a bow tie, all in the same silk.  They also dressed 'down' for the theme and as a gift the night before
the groomsmen got topsiders.  They looked very cute.
These three met forty four years ago in the student union, their freshman year of college.  Maggie, Lupe and I have stayed in touch and every now and then, get together.  
This is the view outside at the cocktail  party.  The weather was favorable but only just so.  There were downpours the day before and sporadic rain the day of the wedding.  It cleared up enough to get everything done, dry.
I told Regina I would take a picture of my hair and so I did and it held up pretty good after twelve hours.  I had no idea they didn't use blonde bobby pins in my hair until I saw this pic.  It made me mad, so it's just as well that I didn't know.  I could have brought mine to them to use.  Oh well.  Get over it Tommy.


Anonymous said...

Your hairdo is gorgeous; simply gorgeous!!! ...and yes, perfection would have been blonde bobby pins..but be grateful the pins were not black!!!!!


loved your dress and accessories too.

Miracles said...

Great hairdo and Maggie looked gorgeous. She had sent me pics of her dress, shoes and jewelry. The green is stunning.