Monday, October 15, 2012


This picture was taken of Violet by my son in law on his phone. He was just taking a corner, entering the front room from the kitchen and saw our little gal 'wearing' Maggies purse.  She just slung it over her head.  It's as big as she is!
I noticed last weekend that she was sitting looking at me and put her palm under her chin and I realized that I was propping up my head that way, during the lengthy task of getting food into her.  She did the same thing to me last night when I was at her house and I realized she must have remembered that I did that a lot, even tho' I wasn't doing it that time.  She loves to mimic. 

 She loves to wear grownups shoes, as every kid does.
This is V sporting her mom's shoes, but last night she constantly walked around with her aunts shoes on.  It's funny, that as a grandparent you can just sit back and notice everything about the kid.  When it's yours and you are in the throws of raising them, the little things aren't noticed as much.  
We all got together and had a lovely meal prepared by my daughter in law, including this tiramatsu cake.  We stuffed ourselves and then headed to the Goodman Theatre to watch 'Sweet Bird'.  As much as Diane Lane and Finn Wittrock did a fine job, this mother had her eye on the prize.

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Miracles said...

I once found myself in a stall @ an airport with no hook for my handbag. I wore it like VJ. That cake looks yummy.