Monday, October 29, 2012

Peace, Love and Joy

It's just about the right time to get out of Dodge. The weather has turned nasty. The wind is very noisy and G just read that the gusts could get up to 60 mph and the waves could range in the 16 to 22 feet height.  There is supposed to be flooding and all.  We are quite high and have a monster sea wall but you never know.  Well, it just so happens that I am heading out in a couple days for Houston and the International Quilt Festival.   It sounds as though I should have headed out a couple days earlier.

So now I am mad at myself because I have put off putting the numbers on the newly painted mailbox (thank you Gordon).  I ordered this
repositionable vinyl in black and brown to cut letters and numbers using the cricut.  It is also the stuff you use to put DREAM and LOVE, and SERENITY on your walls in big letters. 
 I have taken a pass on that and so far only printed out the house numbers.  I do indeed plan on doing some decorating but I have different ideas in mind for the studio.  I am putting up helpful tips and tricks.  I vowed not to do it until the mailbox is completed.  Today, I would get knocked down and I can just forget holding onto a ruler to make my work even.  Hey, I just had a thought.  I could put them on uneven like it was my original idea.  Yeah, that's just what I'll do.  Everyone that drives by and notices it would say, 'who is that cool person who lives there that thought outside the box' (as in mailbox).  And that would be me.


Anonymous said...

I hope the wind does not reposition your numbers..or reposition Y O U !!!

Karen said...

Tommy, can you tell me where you found the Cricut vinyl? I would love to do something for my son's wall in his rec room. Thanks!