Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pell I Can

When I was in CT. a couple weeks ago the topic of quilts came up and one that I gave the mother of the groom that is proudly displayed in her West Palm home was commented on. One thing lead to another and all of a sudden a request was made for two pelican pillows with a yellow and blue color scheme.
Normally I would have never taken up the challenge; I have my own 'To Do' list that is sorely neglected at times.  But I took notes on the request and when cleaning out my 'wedding' purse, I figured, why not?

I got a picture of a pelican (by the way, this guy and gal I made these for have a Florida restaurant called 'The Pelican'). I made a copy on transparency film and with my overhead projector, made big pattern pieces which I cut out from fabric with wonder under (fusible stuff) on the back.  I then ironed them to a base fabric.  I took care to put down the parts of the picture that were in the background first.
I took a fine tipped permanent marker and drew on some details that I would later go over with black thread.
When they say it's all in the details, I am gonna have to agree.  The difference in these two pillow tops
with and without the satin stitch make all the difference in making them pop.  These pillows are 18"square.
It was a fun project and now that I have heard back that Karen and Mark have received them, I can share with you.  


Irene said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

You are ever so gifted with talent!

maggie z. said...

outstanding! i'll bet they were floored when they opened the box!

Miracles said...

Just like that....from idea to completed project. Bless those hands!

Anonymous said...

Great Job! I'm sure they will be overwhelmed with delight!

Robbie said...

Wow! Just great!!!