Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poor Coco

Wow, I had no idea that anyone saw the Chanel - Brad Pitt commercial before I did.  It went from stupid in my mind to,  'What was he thinking?' after seeing all the spoofs on it, you guys sent me and more that I saw on my own (not knowing there were any!!!!).  I don't normally want to comment on the lack of any brain cells of anyone else, seeing as I have pretty much lost all mine, but doesn't Brad have a consultant or agent or editor or someone around that says, 'don't do it!'

I could use one of those assistants myself.

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Robbie said...

At first, I was embarrassed for Brad but then figured he let it happen! I'm not a fan of Brad to start with and guess this just "seals the deal" for me! SNL did a great spoof on it...what a hoot! But Chanel is getting lots of attention from the ad...positive or negative...folks are talking about Chanel! Go figure!