Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I don't know what I did but I had tons of pictures of my chocolate class and because I forgot my big camera, I took them on my iPhone and now have lost them. I thought I was downloading the phone into iPhoto but must have pressed the wrong button and now I can't find them at all. Oh well. Shoot, they were cool pics. All I have left to show you are the finished products that I brought home and just took a picture of.
These are made from tempered chocolate (31%) that we poured into molds, then dumped the excess chocolate out and let harden.  Then we put in various fillings.  We made chocolate caramel, pomegranate chocolate, chili chocolate and vanilla bean chocolate.  Then we covered the top with more tempered chocolate and let cool and they just pop out of the mold.  There were seven in the class and we all made different fillings.

These were the ones that I made and they are filled with chocolate caramel.  It is dark chocolate which I don't really care for (I'm a milk chocolate kind of gal) so I brought them home to G, who favors dark.  

It was tons of fun to make and Barb and I had a grand time, going to the city, getting lost, and finally finding where were supposed to go.  You would think that with a GPS, two smartphones and printed out directions I brought along from the internet, that we would have had smooth sailing.  Not so much.  Thankfully we had a couple hours to spare.  I would definitely do it again.


Miracles said...

Mmm good

Daughter said...

These look good. Can you make them at home or do you need special equipment?