Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tall Tale

Normally when I look out the window onto Lake Michigan at this time of year, I don't see much; a boat or two.  But yesterday we saw some very very long tanker of some sort.  This was way out in the water;

I used a zoom lens.  Can you see the sailboat just off the back end of the tanker?  It looked as though the big boat wasn't moving.  The sailboat overtook it and was well past it in less than a minute.  The ghost of the Edmund Fitzgerald possibly?  Oh, no, I think that was Lake Superior.
The pile of quilts just gets taller.  It is gangly now and I am having to use a little finesse to keep the pile from toppling.  The count is now up to 78.  I will finish up the quilts themselves in a day or two (running out of fabric and batting) and will spend the rest of the week binding them.  So much fun!

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kathyf said...

Looks like an ore boat. The end of the season on the Lakes.