Friday, October 26, 2012

Toast And Jelly

I feel the need to travel back to the aquarium again.  It's either that or a home video of me binding baby quilts.  You make the choice.

Okay, you chose the aquarium.  Good choice.

The special show at the Shedd Aquarium is call 'Jellies' and it's all about jelly fish. I had no idea there were so many kinds.
Of course, I look at the exhibition as a work or art; kinda like going to the Art Institute.  These jellies are called Lions mane jelly fish.  They have all sorts of 'hairs' hanging off them, as if they were in need of some detangler.
This jelly fish is called  a Japanese sea nettle.  The color of it was amazing.  I don't recall the backgrounds being this color but maybe so.  Flash photography was not allowed so it wasn't caused by the camera.
These are comb jelly fish.  Lucky them; they can eat ten times their own weight in a day!!!!
These blue blubber jellies can range from light blue to navy or purple.  That's a bit odd, seeing as they were all off white at the aquarium.
Umbrella jelly fish are very tiny.  I want to look into these more.  I mean, I could hold thirty of them in my hand.
Upside down jellies  live in shallow sunlit water.  These are my favorites.  I just love the blue color that they have on small parts.  On top of this display tank is a tank in the ceiling that shows
what they look like from underneath.  You would never know they were the same thing.  The underside looks much more like what I would think a jellie looks like.
Spotted lagoon jelly looks like some sort of alien space ship.  They were moving like crazy and they got most of Violets attention.  Plus, the tank was much lower than some of the others.  It helps that you can see with little difficulty.

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Robbie said...

I see a quilt or two in the making with these photos!