Sunday, October 07, 2012


Our little visitor definitely has morning hair issues;
Her hair is so long that she can't see in the throes of bed head.  I can manage a band on it just until she realizes it's there and then it's torn out.  I am persistent tho'.  Vision is important to me even if it isn't to Violet.

Sometimes I can distract her and get her hair away from her face without her knowing it; for awhile.

She is very good at feeding herself and insists that food be on the spoon, even if she has to use her other hand to put it there.
Here is Violet, backed up to my design wall, and facing her design wall.  I work in fabric and her media are magnets.  She has taken on a rather artistic pose if you ask me.  

Never a dull moment.


Synthia said...

Little Violet is adorable. Thank you for sharing her with your 'followers'. I still like your art and food and party subjects, but she's become my fave!!! (big smile)

Anonymous said...

Precious child. opps! precious grandchild!

Robbie said...

Golly! Another 'Tommy' in the making!!

Irene said...

She is just adorable, bed head or not! I always thought she looked just like your son, but in the picture where she is putting the cereal on her spoon, I can see Maria in her. Enjoy - they grow up way too fast.

Miracles said...

Adorable VJ. Love the different hairstyles.