Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Up?

This is what we have been doing in the sweat shop since Friday.  This piece was started by Mike but was pieced and sewn together yesterday.  It's got great colors.

Peggy is the queen of selvages.  She get's quite a lot of them from me.  
She started this before she came; in fact it was practically done except for the binding but now that's done too.

I decided to make Violet a Trick or Treat bag of her own.  

I cut out a pumpkin and it's various parts and fused them together.  I had to fuse two pieces of orange hand dyed fabric to use because you could see the background fabric through.  Then I satin stitched around all the shapes and made the skinny black lines with just a straight stitch I went over twice.
I made nice and sturdy handles to hold all that candy.
I added a few little halloween trinkets for Violet to play with (and most likely tear off!)
It's lined and has a very triple reinforced bottom so the bag won't sag.  I hope she likes it.


Susan Turney said...

How could she not love it with all the bright colors and toys to play with? It's adorable. Mom could even use it as a diaper/toy bag before Halloween!

Miracles said...

I wa t to see pic of VJ with her Halloween Candy Bag