Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Little Button Tree

We have been very busy. Cooking and crafting is taking over my life; and I'm just sayin', that's okay.
Chai is here and she blends so well into Bella's bed that we sometimes forget that she is here.  Not really; she has a very big mouth.  We started our Saturday craft a little late and barely got it done in time to meet Micky at our favorite bar for a libation or two.  
Here's my sis starting with the crafting of a flier we saw last time we were together at JoAnn's.
Having a grand daughter that loves buttons made us zero into this Christmas tree and we together got all the needed supplies (with our coupons and 15% off the entire purchase (which was substantial)).

The results were very nice; not matching the photo but then we need to show our own taste in a task like this, right?
This is Mike's finished tree.  We chose to go up and down with our base ribbon on our styrofoam rather than swirling down like the pattern  instructed.  The ribbon didn't conform to the cone as well as we would have liked but after it was all done, we realized that most of it was covered anyway.  Mike used more buttons than I did.
My finished tree is a little more whimsy.  I had to be creative to hide all the bare styrofoam that was showing.  

It was a fun project and a little more labor intensive as we had first thought.  We allotted one hour out of our busy day but it took more than two hours!!! 

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