Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

I have been busy finishing up some fall dresses for my little button girl but would like her mom to see them before I show them to you. Therefore, back to the quilt show.
"America, Let It Shine' was done by Sherry Reynolds.  It has 5,121 Swarovski Crystals on it.  That number is supposed to represent something but it was too much for me to comprehend.
Even this original plan for the Best of Show and $10,000 winner exhausted me.  This is the reason that I will never win the prize.  That has never been my intent anyway.  Getting in is the goal!
This quilt is very clever and different.  It immediately caught my eye.  It is called ''The Coleoptera' and was done by Gabrielle Paquin.
Teresa Sherling did this quilt, 'Purple Audrey' in a Jane Sassaman class.
'Conversations 1' was done by Sara Ann Smith.  I love the shadow work under the chairs.  This could be my deck up north.
I got to hang a bit with Marcia DeCamp at the show.  This is one of her pieces, 'Whirlpool' that depicts her feelings of the catastrophic results of the storm that hit Japan.
Janet Steadman did this piece called 'Dream Fields'.  This piece was hanging in between the two pieces that Marcia had in the show.
Marcia's second piece, 'Jet Trails #10' really does depict the lines we often see in the sky.
This piece shows simple perfection to me.  It is done with bias tape and I love it.  The artist is Deborah Grifka and the piece is titled, 'Ephemeral Elegance'.  The name fits it perfectly.

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Rosemarie34 said...

Tommy, I met Sherry Reynold's at a quilt show in Hershey, PA...anyhow, did you know she does all her quilts on a 20 year old Bernina ? She's an amazing quilter...