Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back To The Show

I clearly need to stop cooking for a bit. I have been going nonstop, trying to fill up the freezer. There is something about a barely filled freezer that gets me crazy. I have almost finished the prep for todays coma fest. All I need to do is make the mini cupcakes for the kids that seem to be a tradition since we had ourselves little ones. They look forward to it.

After finding the group quilt picture yesterday, I managed to crop some more of the quilt show. I need a quilt fix; so that probably means that you do too.
This amazing piece is done by Philippa Naylor who always does wonderful work.  It is called 'Garden Party' and she used a technique that I frequently use.  She hand appliquéd the pieces down and then machined over them, ending with machine quilting and some hand embroidery.
Beth Copeland did this very graphic work completely by machine.  It is called 'Skirting The Circle'.  Very fitting name, I must say.
I hit the Husband's Lounge before the show opened to the public.  The tv was on but no bodies were there.  I will never live to see the day when G would attend a quilt show.  It'll never happen and that's not such a bad thing.  I don't  go on fishing trips with him either.

This was the prize winner in the group quilt.  Clearly they didn't have the same rules as we did for our quilts.  There was very clear strategy to make this quilt.   It was done by the group By A Thread and is called 'Ms. McDonald Had A Farm'.  Very clever.
I love the little pig.
The last one for today is from Leslie Jenison and is titled 'Amsterdam Alley: The Shortcut Between'.  That could be the name of a Kurt Vonnegut novel!!  It is a digital transfer along with dye and paint, collage, fusing and it is machine quilted.  Lots of stuff went into this work.  I am still considering it.

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