Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dinner and a Craft

Sometimes a detailed recipe is just that; not worth the time or aggravation; such was last night's main dish. The recipe itself came from Tyler Florence's cookbook and it's something about coming to dinner in it's title but that book is over in the kitchen and I am secure in the studio so I am not budging from my seat. (Plus, Regina is sleeping and I don't want to bother her or wake her up).

For the Lasagna Bolognese I first up made my own pasta, which, although easy enough to do, should be worth it in the final dish.  In this case it was not.
I followed all directions to the letter, including watching Bella get suspiciously close to the bottom of the pasta drying.  Next came the 
bolognese and after that
the b├ęchamel.  The results
tasted well enough, but I am about structure and appearance and this just didn't
make it.  I rested for twenty minutes and was still soupy.  The homemade pappardelle was hard to even taste; it kind of melted.  The recipe needs some help so I think I will go back to my recipe I have been making since college.
Here we have a fine picture of Regina, with her buddy Peeps, who is her traveling companion and her Thanksgiving hat.  I need to talk seriously to her about some therapy.
Dinner and a craft went off without a hitch.  Even the guests that were freaked out about lacking the crafting gene were having fun. It was almost midnight before we broke up the party.  That's extremely late for this neck of Florida.  And the remnants are almost all cleaned up!

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