Friday, November 09, 2012

Hamming It Up

Check out these two on their computers.  Father and daughter are both deep into whatever they are doing and in Violet's case, she is looking at her mom and smiling.

I will share a couple more of the Modern Quilt Guild quilts that I didn't finish posting yesterday.
This is called 'Cantilevers' and was done by Jessica Levitt.

'Building Bridges' needs to be seen in person.  Done by Jacquie Gering and Sheryl Schleicher, 
the quilting is unbelievable.  There are words all over the outside white of the quilt that show up just by stopping the quilting.  Amazing.
This is interesting because it reminds me of when I cut out tons of circles and then played around with the remaining scraps of fabric.  I never actually made a quilt out of them and now someone has beat me to it.  This is called 'Ripple' and was done by Daniel Rouse.
This is a picture I took at one of the vendors booths that Anne and I liked the looks of.  It's similar in style to 'Ripple'.

I can't be farting around too much.  I am hosting 'Dinner and a Craft' tonight and I have some food to make.  Thankfully the craft is already prepared and just waiting for some lucky friends to partake.  It should be fun.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Have fun tonight. Let me know how things go. I wish I could be there.

Linda said...

That must be Cherrywood fabrics, saw their display at PIQF last month. I bought a tiny kit to see how the pieces played with one another.

Not impressed with their cuts, they all had spots that frayed the edges of the circles. So much time to check every edge and make the trims.

But the colors are stunning and of course the "hand" of Cherrywood fabrics is fabulous!

Anonymous said...