Tuesday, November 06, 2012

International Quilt Festival #2

I am gonna alternate the quilt show and my life for awhile so I can justify the hundreds of pictures I took. It was a great show.
This is a new series for Caryl Fallert.  It is called 'Chromatic Feathers #1'.  You can definitely tell its hers with all the gradation work.

These next five happen to have been in a group of quilts called 'Tactile Architecture'.
'Under The Tipi' byTerry Aske was based on a replica of a tipi she saw on a photo of her sister's.
This is the artists idea of the perfect work area for an artist get together and so is aptly named 'Artist Retreat'.  The quilter, Lorri Flint, said, 'sorry, no husbands!'
I adore the colors in this work.  It was based on a photo and is raw edge appliquéd.  It is named 'Colores' and was done by Michelle Jackson.
I have already shown you a piece by this quilter, Kathy York.  I think she had three pieces in the quilt show.  This is called 'Community Garden'.
This is one of my favorites.  It is done by Cecilia Koppmann and is called 'La Torre de Babel'.
The overall look of this work really caught my eye.  It was done by Georgeta Grama and is called 'A World of Many Colors'.  It is shadow trapunto with fusing, appliqué and the white design part is batting and the first layer of the quilt
is organza.  I still can't get my head around the technique but it looks amazing.
Phillipa Naylor once again nailed this work called 'Tumbling Blocks'.
With over 3000 pieces, it has trapunto and also a scattering of three dimensional pieces to give it some texture.
I am a big fan of Cher Cartwright's work.  They are always different but at the same time you can always tell it's hers.  This is called 'In The Pink' and was done in the spring after 9/11, showing some hope with the coming of the new spring.

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