Sunday, November 04, 2012

Last Day in Houston

What a dope I am.  I have spent the entire morning getting my computer up and running and I just opened up blogger to blog and realized that I never published yesterdays blog.  It was just sitting in the draft section of the blog.  Oh well, I guess I will say no more and quit this typing.

I had a very fun filled day in Houston yesterday. Besides Jean Ann and Ann and Linda and Karen that I travelled with, my friend Suzie McCormack flew in from Maine to spend the day with me. We took in quilts and some of the vendors and then after I put in my two hour stint at the SAQA booth, had a very nice Tex-Mex dinner with old quilting friends, Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski.

This morning I have a class with Anne and then hit the show and vendors for the last time before heading to the airport and flying to Florida to join G and Bella who are already there. These are the first five quilts I took with my Nikon. There will be lots m
ore to come.
This first fused piece is called 'Tree' by Kathy York.  Notice the tree up front?  I didn't even notice it until I read the name.  It is overshadowed by the dancing buildings.  It is very whimsy.
It the same catagory is this quilt called 'Tutti Fruitti Village'.  It's artist is Susan Bleiweiss.
This is called 'The Garden' by Helia Ricci.  That line on the bottom right is the clear film they use to block off getting too close to the quilts.

Masae Harata did this quilt called 'My Circle Game'.  She is from Japan.

This quilt was made by another member of SAQA that I happened to meet when she came to the booth on Thursday while I was manning it and bought one of the remaining Auction quilts.  This quilt is called 'Fantasyland' and is done by Sheila Frampton - Cooper.

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Gayle from MI said...

Thanks for the look at some of the many quilts.