Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mod Mad Metro Manics

I happened on this quild that I have never heard of before and was immediately intrigued.
I even like the change of size and font in its  quilt marking the spot where the quilts are hung.  I am definitely gonna join this!    The quilts are very stark and I love them.  There wasn't one that didn't catch my fancy.  They remind me intensely of Weeks Ringle's 'Fun Quilts' from the Chicago Area.  Speaking of which, she is now in the pattern business under the name 'Designing Modern Quilts'.  Her
booth was just about the last one I came upon before my hips gave out on the concrete floor.  They were very busy and I only got a chance to verify that they were one in the same.  This quilt above is called 'Zinnia' and is done by Lynn Harris.
'Convergence' was done by Latifah Saafir. I just love the simplicity of it.
The name of this is 'Two Margaritas' by Ruth Beeby.
 'Shattered' was done by Jacquie Gering and Angela Walters.  This looks like a Nancy Crow assignment!
The name of this quilt is 'Cutting Edge Conglomerate' and was done by Earamichia Brown and the NYC Metro Mod Quilters. I am loving the name of their group!!!!
'Bits and Ripples' was made by Allison Schmidt.  It is very subtle and very stunning.
This paper pieced construction was done by Megan Dye and the name of it is 'Trajectory'. Individually, isn't this shape some car brand logo?
'No Direction Home' by Barbara Hartman is full of eye catching detail.  I feel lost!
My favorite for the day is 'Typographic Circle'  by Emily Cier.  I love the whole look of it and even
though lots of detail went into it with all the piecing, I think that just using simple solid or print fabric would make a most excellent baby quilt or wall hanging.  I am stealing this idea.  I would make it with a fold under quarter inch and straight stitched down to make it more durable than a zigzag would be.  Hey baby, look what's coming!!!


Robbie said...

Tommy, if you go to the Modern Quilt Guild web site, you'll see each state that has a guild. There are a few in Florida too. We have one in Michigan (ann Arbor) and one about an hour away from us in Ocala too (Gainesville).

Check them out:

Beth in TN said...

You could do the baby's name and birthdate in a circular configuration like that. :)

Miracles said...

I like the typographic one the best also. Beth from TN has a great and birthdate would be so special.