Friday, November 30, 2012


I went to my dermatologist yesterday with a major complaint.  My psoriasis on my feet is totally out of control.  The steroid ointment I use is supposed to be used in intervals and not all the time so it never heals.  My next option will be something like Enbrel but that has side effects that are not good for me.  My alternative was what I settled on.  This stuff, synthetic cortisone(picture taken with phone when no one was looking), was injected into the bottom of my left foot 12 times.  When this vial was empty I called off any more.  It only treated the largest cluster of crap on one foot but I couldn't take anymore.  I could tell by the doc that even though I was a screaming lunatic, he was surprised at how much I could take.  We shall see.

I need a quilt show fix, having all my attention on other things at the moment.  Let's hit Houston once again.
I was very surprised at this quilt and it's creator.  It is a made by a quilt artist from Japan, Toshiko Maeda, and the subject of the quilt titled 'Family' is about her three boston terriers and a pug.  I saw  so very few dogs in China on my visit that I guess I just assumed that Japan would be pretty dogless too.  That goes to show you what your mind can incorrectly deduce.

I spent a lot of time in the front of this quilt, taking in all the wonderful detail.   
The title is 'Mutton But Letters' (adorable) and was done by Janet Stone.  She had a pile of batik fat quarters and somehow they just screamed 'sheep'.  

Check out all the detail.  There is beading, and trapunto and embroidery.  If you can notice, in the yellow fabric there are letters all over.  There was a lot of time put into this quilt.
'It's All In My Head' was done by Beth Johnson.  The tags that are hanging off the bottom of the quilt have art quotes as well as quilt tips on the back of them.
Pauline Salzman did this whimsy quilt about her dogs and it's aptly called 'Crime Scene Investigation'.  They are innocent until they are proven guilty.  I am guessing that the mound of brown is someone digging in the yard.
This was done by Sheila Cooper and is titled 'Fantasyland'.  It was done completely by machine.

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