Sunday, November 18, 2012


I am in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Our  travel schedule is a bit off course because we spend the  better part of yesterday at the home of my younger brother, Dan and his wife Dori and their two adult boys.  We had a delightful lunch of quiche and a marvelous arugula salad with all the nummy stuff (blue cheese crumbles, diced apples, raisins and other stuff).  It was nice to see them; it's been over a year and there is no excuse for that because they live two hours away from me in Florida.  They have a beautiful house on a lake in Tampa.  My brother is a fine woodworker as a pastime to keep himself busy (builds mostly furniture and the last big thing was a canoe).  Now he is in the process of building an 18' sailboat in his 18' woodworking out building.  It looks very complicated but it looks perfect too.  The eta for the first sail (that is, after he learns to sail) in 2014.  
Maria sent me these pictures of Violet, after dressing herself.  She hates headbands unless she puts them on herself.  There is the issue of the ears that she has yet to master.
This is the knit dress I made for Violet.  I like it so much better paired with jeans under it.  It's homemade
appearance just looks cool this way.  Violet is starting to choose her own wardrobe.  I like her style.

I just heard G and Bella return from a walk which means we are going out to dinner now.  Bye.

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