Monday, November 12, 2012


Each year the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) have an auction in September of 12 inch quilts made by members. I have participated since it's inception, around 5 years ago. The starting price is $750 for any of the 12" square quilts. Few get purchased at that price and those that do are usually created by a world famous quilter. The price descends down to $75. For the first time, some of these quilts were taken to Houston and auctioned there.
This years entry from me happened to be one of the quilts that traveled to Houston to be auctioned off.  Thankfully it was sold before it had to put it's tail between it's leg and go back home with Martha (the director).

I personally had to have a couple of these little wonderful works and unknown to myself, I have had the honor of meeting two of the three artists.
This is a wholecloth quilt done by Nysha Nelson, who happened to be in my Carol Soderlund dyeing class that I took in the summer at the Crow Barn.  Nysha does beautiful work with thread art and if memory serves me, this little beauty was done on a long arm.  It is magnificent.  It is named 'A Spin Round the Garden'.
This was done by Leslie Hall, who I have had the pleasure of meeting and in fact, emailed her yesterday about that fine line separating the kitty from it's background.  Here is what she wrote back to me. 
 I couched #8 perle cotton around the edge of the kitty using a teeny-tiny, eenie-weenie zig-zag stitch with monofilament. The zig-zag is so tiny I was still able to use the straight stitch throat plate. It really did help to separate the kitty from the background, which is what I was aiming for.  

I will definitely want to play around with that technique.  Leslie's little quilt is called 'Alaska Bowl-Detail'  and I love the graphic elements of it and the color?  It knocked my socks off.
My last beautiful purchase was from Louisa Smith and is called 'Circle Mania'.  Enough said, if you get  my love for all things circles.

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