Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Collection

I still have lots of quilts to show you but I need to take the time to crop the photos and I haven't done that yet. I have been very busy tho'. We have gone and done some Christmas shopping while the house was occupied by a dog walker.  Everything is so far away from us that it's a day trip to do anything. 

I found fantastic bargain fabric and spent quality time getting it measured.  My car trunk is probably the biggest you can get for a four door sedan and it was filled to the brink.  
I was just complaining that I couldn't find any good deals on fabric for my charity work and wow!  I hit pay dirt here in Florida.  This is all going up north because that is where my stash has been completely depleted.  I still have a substantial amount here in the sunny Florida.
Our trip to the south is being brutally cut short by the early timing of Thanksgiving.  We have barely gotten the workers lined up to fix and repair all that has gone wrong in our absence.  I have decided to get rid of my toy sewing machines , featherweights, and a couple random Berninas  that I have been collecting.  I realized that collecting is what they were doing; that is, collecting dust!!!  These will all take up trunk space on our trip north.  

Two more days before heading to my brothers for a visit and then home to the family feast.


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Miracles said...

Where'd you score?

Pat Bishop said...


Where are you selling your collection? Not that I need to add to mine.