Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This and That

I haven't finished with the quilt show pictures but I still have to crop them and then I will share more.
I did get back the group quilt back from the show and so I thought I would show you what it looked like hanging.   I will return the sections to each of the quilters.  It looked very nice at the show and I was proud of it.

On our trip home we had a rainbow
follow us.  It stayed around for a long time.  Other than an un harvested
cotton crop, the trip was thankfully uneventful.  There were no traffic accidents or backups.  That's always good.

I am making food for Thanksgiving and carting Bella to and from the groomers.  I had my first injection  today for osteoporosis.  

 I am very boring.  I am even boring myself.  I guess I am preoccupied.  


Robbie said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!! And "boring"....I don't think so...not the Tommy we know and love...ok, so I don't love, love you!! But I think you're a cool chick!

pam in sw florida said...

Boring? You? Never ever

Enjoy the day with family

judy said...

Wow, the group quilt looks very cool hanging together!
Thanks again for all the work you put into getting it together. Happy Tday. Judy

Gayle from MI said...

Thanks again for coordinating the group quilt.

barbd2 said...

Oh Tommy! The quilt looks FABULOUS! I can't believe you are taking it apart!!!! Love it!!!!