Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You Can Find It At Macy's!

and I had a hoot in the Windy City. We stayed at a grand old hotel smack in the middle of the shopping. We managed to get little done with all the laughing, but that was exactly the plan.  It was long overdue.
The photos I took were crazy stuff, like this tile at a cross walk.  We managed to get hooked in with two makeup 'specialists' that sold us everything to look 20 years younger.  I kept saying that I am too old to care but they kept on with their speel.  Eventually, I had to get a small home loan to purchase all that I was talked into;  Micky was a close second.  

We settled down to some day drinking and eating.  The calamari at Mity Nice was pure perfection.
We did some people watching and met some new people too.  We ended up buying nothing for anyone but ourselves.  Even doing  that, I came home without anything but the makeup counter.  There is this thing called a pre sale where you can buy stuff and pay for it but you can't get it until the next day.  Odd, wouldn't you say?  But we did it and I got some cute stuff for myself at a 25% discount.  Micky is braving the city again tomorrow for a lawyer visit and is picking up all our treasures.  I will be off to my semi annual skin doctor visit which takes most of a day.  I would rather be at Macy's.

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Miracles said...

I can't wait to see your stash