Saturday, December 15, 2012

40 And Counting!

My sis and I were modeling our Christmas necklace and earring ensemble last night,  just farting
around; wanting to email a picture of us in our Christmas gift from Barb.  G was kind enough to take our picture without too much grumbling.  Mike came to take care of Bella while G and I take off for a couple days.  Tomorrow is our 40th anniversary and originally we were gonna take the whole family to Tuscany for a vacation, but one thing lead to another and we are doing the next best Italian thing.  Vegas baby!  We, along with the kids, the kids kid, and my twenty something god daughter (as babysitter) are flying to The Bellago for a dinner or two, a show and some fun.  We thought it was high time Violet went to a gambling establishment.  We will be returning just in time for G to get his colonoscopy on Wednesday!  

I saw this saying on Facebook while I was waiting for it to open up my Scrabble game.  I though it was very true, except I haven't mastered the mature part yet.

I'm mature enough to forgive you, but I'm not dumb enough to trust you again.


Anonymous said...

Arredidarchi (sp?) :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and have a great time together in Vegas!

Susan Turney said...

Happy anniversary! Bring some warm's been in the 50s. Maybe Violet can learn to ice-skate at the Venetian!

Irene said...

Happy Anniversary. I'm anxious to hear how you liked Bellagio compared to The Wynn. We stayed at The Venetian last time and loved it.