Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Banquet Day

I don't want to overly excite you, but today is the bowling banquet. It wraps up the fall bowling league. I believe that we have a choice of three things for lunch and I just picked my choice a couple weeks ago and can't even remember what it was. I take that back. I just found the flyer we were given. We have the choice of a Veggie Wrap with Chips, a Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken (Choice of Dressing or a Patty Melt with Chips. Exciting stuff.  I am pretty confident that I ordered the Patty Melt. I tend to go for the grease or fried if I have the chance because I eat at home more often than not.

They are changing up the bowling banquet a little bit this year and adding two games of 9 Pin No Tap with a Gift Grab (I am typing this verbatim from the handout because I am not that bright.).  9 pins down on the first ball counts as a strike. Each time a player gets a 'strike' they pick a grab bag gift from the gift table.   (Oh, we are to bring one $10 value GrabBag gift beautif ully wrapped).  I wrapped up a $10 bill!  I want them to get their money's worth; and I am lazy.  I hope no bowlers read my blog.  My little gift will be in hot pursuit if any do!!!  Real strikes count too. Once all the gifts are selected, any player getting a strike gets to grab a gift from any other bowler. Maybe this will be camera worthy.

Now, after the Dinner and a Craft is complete for this holiday season, both here at home and in Florida, I can do a reveal and show
you the ten enclosure cards that all my guests made.  Pretty cute, eh?  I think that this will be a bi-annual happening; anything to justify having two circuits.  (They were gifts!) 

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The recipient will be the envy of the league