Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Violet Christmas

The volumes of Violet pictures is exhausting. I think she just needs to move in with me and I could then eliminate some of the photo taking.  First up, forget that you can see an idiot in the background with a santa head headband on.  I bought it for V and then when she was having no part of it I thought that if I put it on, she would do the same.  Not so much.  I just forgot it was on my head
and now have several dozen ridiculous pictures that my son in law took.  Oh well.  The Christmas outfit for Violet was split by before and after nap.  Maria's mother is in from Alabama and brought Violet a Christmas dress, not knowing that she was already well stocked with frocks.  Therefore, her Mrs. Claus dress got the first up for modeling.
Here we have both grandma's; all natural blondes.
Second up was the  Christmas day number I got for Violet.  V seemed to be much more
interested in the dogs toys that she was the eighty five items on her side of the tree.  Oddly familiar.
I love this picture of father and daughter.  She is looking at him as if he were wise.  I happen to know better.
The favorite gift by far was the retro Schwinn with the fenders and other bling.  The bell was also very popular.  I could watch a kid forever.


Irene said...

I love all her outfits, including the one she wore on Christmas Eve. She really is a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Again, love ALL the photos of Violet!!!!


Miracles said...

VJ is quite stylish. I liked ALL the outfits.

Frieda Anderson said...

Oh to have a girl to get dresses for. Maybe the next one.
Love the frocks!!

Gayle from MI said...

There are so many cute dresses that it's fun to have more than one! They are all wonderful on her too!