Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bellagio, Or Bust

The anniversary was a huge success.  We all met up at the airport and flew to Vegas.  We stayed at the Bellagio.  We have stayed there many times and it never ceases to astound me.  They keep the place up so well.  It's gotta be fourteen or fifteen years old.  We went there when it first opened and then a couple years later when Maggie turned 21.
The rooms keep getting updated so that there is no age visible.  
The clock on the night stand has such a dim light behind the time numbers that it has to be pitch black to read them.  I am quite sure that is done on purpose.
The view out of all our windows was incredible.  The water feature goes off like clock work.  When I first looked out it was just resting, but later?
It was giving us all a show of color, lights and music.
I could have sat there and watched it forever.  But that wasn't the plan.  More later.  I just got home last night and the full force of the holidays creeped up on me in the plane coming home so I have to get into gear with that.  I will share more of the trip and the kids and all later.  Now, I have to get my teeth cleaned for the winter!


Irene said...

So glad you had a good time and good to hear about Bellagio. I, too, could watch those fountains for hours and I love that they change it to Christmas music during the season. The last time we were there they didn't come on because it was too windy - I was so disappointed.

Merry Christmas to you and your family including, of course, Bella.

Miracles said...

I remember when you were planning this family trip for your anniversary. I'm happy for you that it all went well. How about you and G join me and Rich on our Italy trip?

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