Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bring In The New

I went to a thing last night called 'Mingle and Jingle'.  It was a fund raiser for a local school that a couple I know started a couple years ago.  It is a kind of progressive party where you stay at a specific home with drinks and apps and then after a certain time, you switch and go somewhere else.  Then you do it again.  Your name tags are color coded so you don't just leave a place and all go to another location but the group splits up into three or four groups and travels to other places that have a group there that will be relocating too.  It's a very interesting concept.  You buy your tickets ahead of time.  It's a lot better than a bake sale!!!
I was lucky enough to be teamed up my new russian friend (inspired by the hat; who wears that ?) and Micky.  By mingling, we made lots of new friends (who I have already forgotten) and caught up with friends I haven't seen for a while.  It was a great way to bring in December and the Christmas spirit.  


Robbie said...

You look great!!! And thanks! I rec'd my 'slice'!

maggie z. said...

what a terrific shot of you!!

maggie z. said...

what a terrific shot of you tommy!