Saturday, December 01, 2012


Have you ever heard of geocaching? I hadn't until last week. It's basically a treasure hunt, or just a hunt to a destination. You need a smart phone and the geocaching app. You can locate the closest places to where you currently are that have something hidden.  Your phone gps gets you close to the object. Then you have to hunt around. What ever the thing is, it has to be guarded in such a way so it is protected from the elements.  They would not be high enough that there would involve any danger or buried so that you could do damage to find it. 
This plastic tube was covered with camp designed duct tape and stuck in a fence post.
When you find the 'treasure' you always sign and date a list that is folded or rolled up inside the container.
This is another one that was stuffed in the crook of a tree.  It is one of those zip lock 'to go' bowls that is also covered with camo tape.
This one has a bag of trinkets in it.  It has instructions that you can take a trinket if you have one to replace it with.
Then, once again you date it and sign it.  It is very cool.  I am still a rookie at it but intend on looking into it more.  I guess it's all over the world.  It reminds me of the scavenger hunts we did as kids and even young adults.  Hey, that's an idea.  Is there an age limit on fun?

I made a new and simple soup recipe this past weekend called Stuffed Pepper Soup. It was excellent and freezes well. I remade it again later this week for G with chicken because he has a cold and also, more importantly, I had chicken already prepared. It tastes just like stuffed peppers when you use ground beef, and tastes equally fine but not the same with chicken. I have been meaning to post it on Tommy Cooks and just typing this will make me do it today. Look for it and make it this weekend. It's perfect for the weather we are having.


Deb said...

Check into Letterboxing. That really is a scavenger hunt with clues and such. And the best thing is that you carve a stamp and when you find the box you stamp in their book and you use the stamp found in the box to stamp in yours. If you don't want to carve a stamp from an eraser, you can purchase one (we know you don't like hard work.) Anyway check out the main site at It's really lots of fun!

Robbie said...

My grand kids and I Geocache'd every Wed. this summer! It was a hoot! I would pick the 'easy' ones and print out a map (that's also an option on the web site) so each child had to read the map and tell grandma where to go(be nice I told them!). It was so much fun and kids learned to read maps and the nav system. Glad you had fun too! How could you not!