Saturday, December 08, 2012

Show Stoppers

I think that I have only one or two more days of quilts from the international quilt festival.  These are really great ones too.
This is a massive quilt.  It has 156 blocks and it was done by the Bernese Quilters in Berne, Switzerland.  You can look at it forever and still not notice everything.  The towns famous clock tower can be viewed in the lower middle of the quilt.  It is called 'Berne House Quilt'.

Believe it or not, this quilt is made out of Twist Tie's.  It is called 'Double Vision, Twist Tie Quilt #6'.  Why?  Because she can and that would be Amy Orr
Paula Nadelstern is at it again with a little twist of her kaleidoscope theme.  This is called 'Kaleidoscopic XXXIII - Shards'.
One of the show favorites to me is this one.  It's called 'Temptation of Stripes and was done
by a Japanese quilter, Keiko Ohno.  Her inspiration was a sheet of
felt that has lots of holes stamped out of it.  I love the color placement.
'Green Blue Planet Under Siege' was done by Marja Matiisen
and was constructed out of various parts of
blue jeans.  Very clever.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the blue jeans quilt!