Friday, December 28, 2012

Stuff I Made Violet

I am always itching to share things that I make with you right when I complete them or even when in the process of making them.
 Lots of times tho', I don't want to spoil the surprise and then the time
comes and goes and I haven't shown you stuff and then it seems too late.  So, having said all that
I will show you some stuff I made for Violet for her Christmas.
This is a a cute little hoodie I made.  I have got to stop the sweaters; she has more than she could ever wear in the current size.  I need more grand kids.
This $9 wallet from Walmart was converted into something any toddler would relish.
All the picture places are full of laminated pictures (with the sharp corners cut off).
Business cards and other colorful goodies were laminated and stuck in the various compartments.
Of course Violet will need her identification.  I ended up giving the wallet to V at the airport before the Vegas flight.  I thought it would occupy her in the plane.  Maybe not the smartest thing.  She constantly dropped the cards and I am sure you have all had to try and retrieve something on an airplane floor without success.  Thankfully her parents had to deal with it because I was in another part of the plane.
These big colored popsicle sticks (purchased at a craft store already painted) make a very toddler friendly toy.  I just stuck on 'stick on' velcro on each of the ends (front and back) and then put them under heavy weight to set the velcro so it wouldn't come off with repeated use.  They are very good to build shapes and letters with.

I then made a box for them to stay in.  
I made my first 'I Spy' quilt.  If you don't know what that is, it's a quilt with a fussy cut center picture of something recognizable for a kid to look at.

They are all cut on point (although it doesn't have to be.)  My girlfriends and I had lots of fun going through our stash to find things that a kid would like to put in the quilt.  We also had a fun time hitting the fabric store to find more.  Then we swapped them with each other.  This particular one of Waldo was printed from the internet.  That's a fun alternative.  You can even print out pictures of family and friends to put into the quilt.  Because I had just made the wallet, I decided not to do that.  We all enjoyed making the blocks.  Kids can look at it for hours.


Anonymous said...

Love the hoodie and the wallet idea is great. I'm sure she had a good time with all her new stuff!
You are an inspiration!


Anonymous said...

You are beyond an inspiration; I am seriously thinking of making a Tommy the Material Girl shrine in 2013 in prayerful poise that I never get blocked from her blog.

Vicarious praise!!!


Irene said...

Love all your gifts - your imagination knows no bounds. Love the shrine idea - as long as I don't have to get down on my arthritic knees.