Friday, December 14, 2012

The End Of The Show

This will be the last entry on the Houston show. It's dragged on long enough but I still have a couple things I wanted to show you.
This amazing piece is called 'Ear of Rice' and it was done by Sachiko Sano using old parts of her mother in law's old kimono.  She made random blocks to symbolize stacks of the rice straw seen all over the Japanese countryside.  I didn't know there was any countryside left in Japan!
Another beautiful work, also done by a Japanese artist, is 'Viva Quilt' by Noriko Nozawa.  It shows all the various jobs that our hands do in the process of making a quilt.  It was done in honor of her tenth year as a quilter.
The detail is quilt delicate.  What a hand master!

I just did some quick internet checking to find out what a yurt is in Scotland.  Seems that it is the same in Scotland as they are in Mongolia.  It's basically a rounded tent with a interior heat.  This ambitious Scott, Linzi Upton decided to make a quilted version and here it is.

It is named 'The Quilted Yurt In The USA'.  It started out as a project she was going to do alone but
soon realized that she bit off more than she could chew and so sent off supplies to some internet friends
and soon got enough quilt panels back to cover the inside and outside.  The photos of the inside didn't turn out.  These panels represent the Scottish countryside and celtic designs.  I'd like to take a nap outside in this.

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maggie z. said...

this would be a great play tent for the kids!!