Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tree Trimmin'

I was just looking at the tree and realized
that I think this year is the first time I did the whole tree trimming by myself.  Back in the day it was family tradition to do it.  We would set aside a day as a family and after having bought the tree some days before and had it outside or in the garage to 'fall', we would get out all the trimmings and do the tree.  (My tree is now fake.)  The kids did the bottom and their territory got higher as they got taller.  We would have already strung popcorn and cranberries.  Oh yeah, and we did tinsel.  The kids always wanted to throw it on.  Do they even have tinsel anymore?  I wonder.  We would have Christmas carols on and have hot chocolate and treats for the kids and wine for us.  Back in the day, before migraines plagued G, he would have red wine.  

I didn't put all the ornaments on by half.  They just fall off if the tree is too bogged down with ornaments.  Plus, I put non breakables on the bottom in anticipation of Violet.  Plus, I did it myself and after a couple hours with only Bella in attendance, I got bored with it.  I also, as yet have not 'bowed' the gifts and if I put it off much longer the gifts will just stay as they are.  I am getting old.
I have used this tree topper for at least 30 years.  I made it when the kids were little and you can tell anyway, with the choice of fabric I used.  Back in the day, we certainly didn't have the choices we have in fabric like now.  Calico was the way to go.  I probably still have a little bit of it in my stash!

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