Friday, December 07, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes!

I took the train into the city yesterday and met up with Maria and Violet first (oh, and G met us) at the One Of A Kind Show.  Later we joined Peter and Maggie and Evan for a festive dinner.  I took last year off of attending the show and was glad that I did.  It seemed fresh and new and I enjoyed myself.  I spent little time there (a couple hours) because that's when I get sensory overload and then do not enjoy anything.

Do you remember last year when Violet was the most perfect child in Santa's lap that you
could ever imagine?  She looks totally staged and almost wax, it was so perfect?  Well, it all comes around to bite you in the ass.  This year our little princess (who, by the way is already roaring into the terrible two's)  refused to even approach the creepy old geezer (do you really blame her?)  without strict parental supervision.
It's pretty funny.  When the kids told me that they were all in the Christmas picture I was a bit confused.  Does that even happen?  Apparently.  The Santa has definitely shriveled up and it appears as tho' Pete and Maria are having slightly more fun than the princess is.  There will come a time  (probably around April with the new girl child will be born) when there will be the Taming Of The Shrew.   

It's all so very funny when you (meaning me) don't have to deal with it yourself.  It brings back fond memories.  You want to stand up while changing your diaper?  Oh, okay.  You want to pick out your own clothes?  No problem.  Plain spaghetti noodles and water for dinner?  I would have chosen that myself.  Hey, like Maria and I like to say, you have to pick your battles.  Miss Violet is voicing her opinions (without much verbiage) and she is something to be reckoned with.  A gal after my own heart.  Oh, she already has that!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting on Mommies lap! So there! (note the hand)


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

She KNEW that wasn't the real Santa because she saw the real one last year and remembered him.
She's smarter than everyone gives her credit for!

Anonymous said...

"Perfectly precious" matter what the age.


maggie z. said...

i love the photo even more knowing she stood her ground, and they all look pretty darn good! another girl, omg...lucky girl to have all the beautiful things you've made for violet...

Anonymous said...

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