Thursday, December 20, 2012

What Happens In Vegas?

Today it's gonna be random pictures taken in Vegas. I take way too many shots and then just get confused and muddled about what to keep and what not to keep. Most of them are Violet.

Gordon and I don't exchange gifts anymore.  We decided way back when that it was so difficult to be original and buy something for someone at least three times a year so we just stopped, cold turkey.  There are plenty of others to buy for.  That doesn't mean that every now and then we can surprise each other.  This anniversary I did just that.
I made this signage for G.  After I made it I wondered what he would ever do with it?  Ah, shucks, I just put it in a glass cabinet, behind some fancy glass stuff.  Perfect.
This pic of my daughter and G and V look like they compared notes and decided on what to wear to coordinate with each other while shopping at Caesar's.
This is my god daughter Katie (who did a fine job babysitting when the need arose) holding court with Maggie and an all the time empty stroller.  It got to the point at the end of the trip that there was no strolling for V; just holding someones hand and walking (shuffling) along.  
This is a scroll on the bottom of a money eating machine.  It said "Hello Gordon and Tommy and Happy Anniversary!"  It repeated it over and over and I couldn't get a shot with the phone camera without trying for many tries.  We all looked a little foolish but I got the end of the scroll!
While having lunch at Spago, I took a shot of this art over the reception desk.  It is made of yarn and could easily be adapted for any type of design.
This is a massive section of lobby at the 'Wyn'.  There have to be 200 poinsettia in it.  It was quite breathtaking.
Here's the men, heading down an escalator. and not to be outdone,
the girls did the same decent.  
The happy couple.

While back in the room, someone was getting some work done.  


Miracles said...

You all look happy and carefree. I'm glad to see VJ isn't slacking...somebody has to do some work in that family.

Susan Turney said...

LOVE the two pics of Violet! I'm striving to take more "unposed" photos. 7 of us "girls" are going down to the Strip next week to take in all the Christmas decorations. It's always amazing.