Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winding Up The End Of The Year

Today is my last day of my regular bowling league for the year.  It may sadden you to come to this time of the year but it's cause for celebration for me.  I hate bowling and if I didn't love the people I bowl with I would never do it.  I take that back; I hate bowling in a league where what your score matters; maybe not to you but to someone else that sees what a shitty bowler you are and is secretly giddy with the prospect of bowling against someone that can't get over the 100 score hump.  Could it be that I don't care?  Oh yeah.

I received this photo from my gal pal and fellow weak wino Melody this morning and

after I stopped laughing I decided to post it and maybe do a contest.  Oh, I just looked at the picture.  It wasn't sent to me as an attachment and as much as I tried, I could not copy it into any program that I could use to get it on the blog.  I finally decided to just take a picture of it with my camera.  And then I just noticed that the bottom icons for my different programs that line the bottom of my screen are also in the photo!!!!  Anyway, any interest in creating a contest and we all submit some label that is funny or inspirational (?) or whatever? And the winner, judged by a hand picked panel of judges (like maybe me, Bella and Violet?)   would get a prize of course.  A box of Franzia perhaps?
I got this recipe from my sis who got it from her friend and so I thought I would try it.  It is a copy of thin mints and they are very very good.  I will post the recipe on Tommy Cooks today.  You will be very surprised at the minimal ingredients (4).
I had probably seven pounds left out of a ten pound bag of russet potatoes to use up.  G likes to go to the grocery store so a couple weeks ago when I was making shepherds pie to freeze I needed a few more potatoes to finish up so wanted no more than three pounds of potatoes.  He shops by price per (oz. lb., whatever) and decided that purchasing more was cheaper, knowing that I throw nothing away.
Well, yesterday I was thinking that these potatoes are gonna sprout if I don't deal with them so I cooked them, mashed them and seasoned them with butter, milk, cream cheese, sour cream and chives along with s & p.  I then spooned them into muffin tins that were heavily coated with cooking spray and baked them, just until they would maintain their shape.  I then froze them and this morning I bagged them for the freezer.  I figured this was something that we could just grab as a side during the holidays. I will have a house full for several days (or at least I hope I will!) and being prepared is a good thing.


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Robbie said...

YIKES!! Step Away from the Bottle...as they say!!! I've done some dumb things in my life caused by the 'vino' but never did I "hurt" the grapes by calling my ex! OK, maybe I did call him but that's all I have to say about that! My lips are sealed!

Irene said...

Sometimes it's the little things that give me a lightbulb moment - that is a GREAT idea for potatoes and I'm going to try it.