Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Critter Cottage

I have had internet sporadically for the last two days and no email whatsoever. I am guessing it's something to do with my server and that won't be addressed until Monday. It's pretty quiet. It's just as well; with the days in the 80's, it's good to get out and exercise early before the heat really hits. Normally the early mornings are computer driven.

I have made a couple observations this season in Florida.  There are more squirrels than I have ever seen before.  Also, the gecko population seems to be way down.  Usually, there is one anywhere you look outside, basking in the sunshine.  I have seen very few.

We did have a unwanted visitor this week.  It seems that our front window screen was chewed
on enough to make an opening for this
little iguana.  We figured it would die in a couple days and then we (I definitely mean G) would remove it.  It was gone after two days so I guess it figured out how to repeat the process of getting in to getting out. 
G gifted me another horseshoe crab.  He sat it out in the sun for a couple days and then gutted it.  Now it's drying out.
This is such an amazing sight and I hope that you can use your curser after I post this and enlarge this picture.  There are hundreds of white pelicans right across my back water.  We enjoy watching them.  I makes a lovely sight.

It's another critter post and I didn't even realize it until now!

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