Monday, January 28, 2013

Clean Out Your Closet!!!

Having almost finished my newest addition to happy babyhood for the migrant workers,
I decided to get together some yarns and fabric that I could spare easily, so that G would be able to combine two trips to drop off stuff. That also lead me to my closet that needed a good overhaul anyway. 

I normally say that I follow the one year rule, and that if I haven't worn anything for a year, to give it away. I really don't follow that too well. I justify myself that I just forgot about an item or two or that the perfect time to wear something just hasn't come around. In Florida the one year rule is virtually impossible because some years you don't need a coat and the next year we are rushing to the store for something warm to wear. But I do know when I know for sure I won't wear something again. I am sure you can relate. Those tops looked mighty inviting at Costco but really? Not so much. I managed to gather up somethings and looked at another pile of clothes that I never wear and realized that it was because they needed ironing. I have to admit that up north I have someone do ironing, but not so in Florida. The items are all shorts and capri's and things that come from the Gap that definitely need ironing. Some of them are ten years old but are in pretty good condition due to not being ironed and therefore not worn.
I even had to go and search for an ironing board.  That is probably the problem.  I only have this flat ironing surface in the studio and that's were I spend all my time.  The ironing board was in a closet of one of the guest rooms.  It is virtually impossible to iron clothing on this flat board.  

So, I have sectioned out my clothing into clothes I wear all the time (probably too much)which are keepers, clothes I have worn and wonder why I don't still and vowed to give them another shot, and if something is wrong with them, to fix it or give it away.  Then there are the  wrinkled clothes.  Hopefully ironing them will give them a new use but if not, they will be given away too.   I also have another pile of ones that need some sort of fixing; like shortening the legs of my colored skinny jeans that a six foot tall person could wear; things like that.  

I feel quite accomplished.  I had better set up the ironing board now.  


Karen said...

Wow, I have to give you a lot of credit. The ONLY thing my ironing board gets used for is quilting. However, in my defense, I am great at finger/hand pressing when things come out of the washer and I hang them to dry.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Don't hold me to this....but I think we are in for another warm winter.
Why? I just ordered several pieces of Thermal Blue Fish clothing!

Miracles said...

If had to iron I'd stay home in my housedress