Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Most every day Bella and I take a five minute golf cart ride to dog park. It is a good time to look at nature. I notice things on the way and everyday I say that I want to take my camera and take pictures of particular flora. Even though yesterday hosted no sun, I remembered to take my camera.
I look at this tree everyday and am always surprised that the blooms on it are both red and yellow.  I almost waited too long to take this pic because there are very few flowers left for the season.
Here is a red one and
here is a yellow one.

When we round the corner that takes us to dog park, there appears a stunning
and thick array of cascading flowers.
It catches everyone's eye.  I want to go and touch it every time I see it.
This may be my favorite 'fence' ever.  It has beautiful greens that very soon will be completely covered with purple blossoms.  It isn't in full bloom yet but when it is, I will have forgotten to take my camera so partial view of it is better than none.  This picture shows just part of a wall around a large compound.  I bet they have several gardeners at the ready to tend to this property!

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Miracles said...

My favorite is the purple wall of flowers next to the cascading orange flowers